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Nighten, your pictures are adorable...what a doll! Just thought I would say HI, not an member of your original DDC, but had DD 4/25/06. Congrats to all the mommies-to-be! We're enjoying and cherishing each day, as DD will be our one and only! I love reading what other 19/20 month olds are doing. DD says a lot of words *I* understand and just started babbling a lot. She also just started hitting me or DH to see our reaction. I've tried ignoring it completely...
Yikes! Micro is sooooo hard. You're awesome and did the best you could. (I majored in Micro and struggled the entire time, but found it too interesting to quit) Just hang in...maybe it won't be as bad as you think. Could you talk to the instructor is your grade is borderline?
I'm usually pretty good with hair things...but how do you use these? I can't figure it out! Thank you...
I have no clue why reading this stuff is so entertaining....but it is. I'm actually trying to decipher something my 19 month DD is saying. It's sooooo frustrating for both of us. She says the same thing over and over; It sounds like "ayyyys go." I *think* she's asking me to name things. She'll point to an object and say "ayyyys go."
Quote: Originally Posted by ChristyH Of course lately it seems no one really dies on this show until you see them buried. I won't believe it until the show starts up again. BTW, I'm loving where Adam is right now! : Was your pun intended? Cause' Adam is buried...but I would doubt he's gone for good. That darn Sylar. Next season should (and better) be a doozy.
Interesting progression of the thread....glad the OP didn't give up. A) I knew what you *meant* from the OP. B) I know how you feel about not fitting in anywhere C) I figured you might get a few flames. Which is ok...you clarified your ideas and are entitled to your opinions. I learned something from reading through the posts. D) I'm wondering where Suzy Q's fit in...my Mom would buy me those.
Ahhhh...the Grass Spider is a perfect match. He was a gentle soul, but FAST! He disappeared under the sofa before I could help him get back outside. I assume they're coming in as the temps get down below freezing at night. He was elegant...a wolf spider might really freak me out. I know they're harmless. I need like a shudder/shiver smiley.
Any ideas what type this is? I found him/her when I removed the slipcover from the love seat. I don't love spiders...but I don't hate them either. DH on the other hand has a borderline phobia. I can't let him know about this.
It looks like next week is a repeat already?? I like Googleing the restaurant and seeing if they are still open....and keeping with the Ramsay suggestions. (most do, unless they close) Man, I gotta thing for GR. I have no idea why....
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