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Woot! Had a glass or two of champagne tonight! I'm on my first vacation since DD was born. (She's asleep) We leave for Florida on Saturday!
You rock the house tonight! I'm 34....and loving it. I'm a total idiot now, imagine me in my 20's. Like they say....a baby changes everything!
The "do not taunt" line is from an old Saturday Night Live skit. Are you old enough to remember Happy Fun Ball? Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. DH and I say that all the time. BTW...I'm the highest dose of Panexa and doing just fine....except for that pesky abdominal wall thingy:
My DH LOVES Kokanee Beer. DD loves Baby Mum Mumms
He's not a year old yet right?....(looked at your siggy) I just could not leave DD with the gym daycare at that age. I observed the situation for about 10 minutes a few times and was not impressed. A "high needs" baby will need one-on-one attention, especially for the first few times. I just think they're too busy for that. My DD is easy going and far from high needs, but I know she would not do well in this enviornment. (At 8 months) Could you spend one trip...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mamma Mia In dancing you are generally being touched because you make your money in lap dances. In some places, men put on condoms under their clothes while dancers grind against them until they climax in private lap dance booths. I also have yet to have a lap dance that didn't involve some type of kissing-- and this is all on a voluntary basis. I'm the easiest lap dance customer ever. Ewwww....the thought of...
I'm trying to hard to think of a good analogy...just about anything sounds wrong. Like there are lots of illegal drugs. Personally, I think there's a big difference between smoking pot and smoking crack. But, they're both drugs. Some people are against them both, some not. I know, I said it wasn't a good analogy. It's just apples and oranges. For me, stripping is like a moment in time. Captured in the imagination and mind of the parties involved. Porn (on dvd)...
WOW! Congratulations and what an accomplishment for the both of you. We are swiftly approaching our 11th.....where does the time go?:
DD just turned one...got all 4 molars at once at 11 months!: : I really glad that's over. (for now) This is probably a stupid suggestion, but as a 1st time Mom....I've learned SO much from the smallest things. I bought a relatively cheap set of toy shelves at Target. (Mine were plain...not Dora!) I put her various toys in these bins, so she can see and choose what interests her. Sometimes, I empty them out and put water, rocks, pieces of fabric in. She...
-What's Your Grossest Goodwill Find? -Ants on my Peonies!
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