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I eat a lot and don't do caffeine (was on LA Weight loss before I found out I was pregnant and got used to eating constantly, esp protein). I carry a cooler with cheese, boiled eggs, small amounts of grilled chicken and salads in my car. I think I have been slacking on my water consumption though because of the nausea, so I will ramp that back up. I do hope it gets better at least by 2nd trimester. I have a lot of work to do both at home and at my job.
Anyone else experiencing lightheadedness and disorientation during the first trimester? Normally I would just drink a little caffeine, but I can't because of the baby. It is interfering with my normal day to day activities. I'd love some advice.
Thanks! I was in absentia for awhile, since my babes are all so old, I felt less and less inspiration to come here to MDC, but now I am back cooking another one. Dh didn't want any more children, but he seems happy about this one as long as it is alone and healthy. We should find out in 2 weeks whether I have more than one in there. I don't even think about the other possibility. Here is a great quote I found on one of my favorite blogs: Quote: But what...
Is there a new thread for Sept/Oct? I can't find it.
I'm in!: EDD: June 3, 2009 Other children: Taylor, boy, 14yo Tabitha and Tristyn, girl twins, almost 6 Hometown/state/province: Alabama Occupation: parttime preschool director (20hrs at a church 2.5 mi from me, 10 at home) Birthplans: I want a VBAC, but I am nervous. My doc doesn't want me to VBAC, but we are still negotiating. I always wanted a homebirth, but I won't do it this time. Thoughts about pregnancy: I am...
20... but my dh won't let me have anymore. I only have 3. I would seriously never stop until I dropped.
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21949378/ Mary arrested for punching Travis?
Quote: Originally Posted by theretohere I'm sure that was hard. Thanks. Not as hard as the "no more babies" or the "I want them to go to public school", but I still am holding out hope on the power of prayer for those two.
Quote: Originally Posted by Moonprysm But would you still submit to him if he wasn't a Christ-like person? Yes, and I do. I am not sure that dh is or is not a believer, but I know that he won't attend church and doesn't want to talk about God at all. I still submit to him even when his ideas are different than mine (we disagree about schooling, vaxing, family size etc). Now I offer my opinions and reasons why and hope he changes his mind. ...
lapoema, I have the same symptoms. In addition, I have hip and knee stiffness after sitting for any length of time. I have had it for years, but it has recently gotten worse. When people started noticing me hobbling or holding my hands in a curled position after carrying something, they started commenting. Until then, I thought it was what happened to everyone. I started researching today after every single person I saw last night told me they never had joint...
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