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It is easy to see the negative comments and miss the positive ones. Don't get upset. Remember everyone has baggage and that plays into how they answer your post. Everyone needs a soft place to vent. You might have had different responses if you put this in the TTC forum. Those people can feel where you are coming from a little more than the general public.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosedotcom ETA I bet the two little girls are not going to care at all but will have a lot of fun playing together. I have twin 4.5yos and they have meltdowns if one sister has a sparkle gem on her hairbow and the other one doesn't. They don't have to be treated the same and rarely dress the same, but if one has something deemed "prettier" than the other, I expect drama. Some girls aren't like that, but a lot are...
I feel you. I have lots of issues where I may or may not be in the right, but my feelings are my feelings and I am the kind of gal who has to vent to work things out. I think it is totally ok to be frustrated that you may have to postpone ttc. I wouldn't think it was ok to tell him how mad you are that he didn't postpone his wedding for a baby that isn't even concieved yet. Kwim? If you need to vent, go ahead. I would be frustrated to the max. How selfish am I...
Someone said that they are in the hotel, just in another room, because she couldn't be away from her baby. I was a little upset about her doing the show with a baby that little until I realized the family came too. I was just hoping Frank was in the know and she was pumping for the baby. Even if she isn't, I'm still glad for her that she has a nice husband and two cute kids, and seems to have settled down. Someone posted somewhere that she is having trouble in her...
Can I admit that this show made me start cutting my own hair and my children's hair again? I also start sewing everytime I watch Project Runway.
We have 5 and usually it is a bag a day, but not always. My dh is responsible for most of it, I think. It isn't a huge bag or anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doodlebugsmom I think Frank is single too. I pity the fool that would hook up with him. He turned into a real UAV since the last show. I see this a lot in "nice guys" that they end up being really awful when they grow up. I think there must be a lot of resentment in being the "nice guy that never gets the girl" when you are young.
It looks like The Unit with no boring action sequences I'm Tivoing it!
Quote: Originally Posted by LionTigerBear "If you don't sit down right now, I will SMASH your hand over the railing when we get home!" I think this quote is worthy of calling the police (if it was said in a serious tone). That sounds violent and if she really did it and I did nothing, I would consider myself responsible.
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