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Quote: Originally Posted by LionTigerBear I feel so awful I didn't do anything. I came up with that plan after seeing two little girls in line to see the Easter bunny. When they took off their sweaters, they had striped welts all over their backs. I let dh talk me out of following them and I had nightmares about it later. So now I am resolved what to do the next time I see anything like that.
Karina, I have similar feelings of judgement all the time. I work in childcare and am constantly presented with new babies who aren't breastfed. I always think "how sad" and when they spit up the formula on me I get grossed out because I think it is nasty smelling. Do I think I am a better mother than these women because I EBF my twins? No probably not. They likely do all sorts of things better than me. I just hate formula and think it is gross and I do have a flash...
I would follow them to the parking lot and get her license plate number and call the cops. That doesn't sound like even the average accepted spanking to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by zaksma And don't forget that Tabatha called him FIGJAM as well. That still makes me giggle. Too funny. I might have forgotten that. I have a couple of FIGJAMs in my life.
The guys name was actually Jesse James Hollywood instead of Johnny Trulove. He was actually named that as a child. The irony of someone being named Jesse James then becoming a criminal....
There is some speculation that Alton and Arissa are dating each other, mainly that awkward exchange where Alton said he was dating someone for a year and a half, then Arissa says she's been dating someone a year and some change.
Didn't want to give away the ending since I couldn't remember how the true story ended until I saw the end of the movie.
What did you think? I have a 13 yo boy so Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message! I had to leave the room when they were walking him up because I was about to throw up
Come on. If you watched Real World: Las Vegas, you have to be watching this. Who knew Irulan would turn out to be such a UAV? Who do you believe Alton or Arissa? How awesome did Brynn turn out?
I would love to have him cut my hair. He was talented. I want to see the pic too! Can I confess that I am madly in love with Ben? I have never dated anyone that tatooed et al, but his gentle nature made him the most attractive guy on tv to me.
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