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Quote: Originally Posted by Demeter9 The child wants and needs a Mommy and a Daddy. She knows who those people are. I am sure that in her heart there is a place for the First Mommy. But right now, she is a little girl who NEEDS what she needs. And Mom is dead. Her feelings cannot be "hurt." And if part of her is still aware of her own daughter, I am sure that she knows that her daughter needs a Mommy and a Daddy that thouroughly. :
I really like Tessa and really dislike Bevin (no special reason), so I am rooting for Tessa. I can't see anyone cheering if Bevin was proposed to (except Bevin) so my money is still on Tessa.
I can definitely see circumstances when my dds are tired and would love to ride (they always ride in the cart). So I guess I wouldn't judge if that is how the mom can get her shopping done- as long as it wasn't against the kids will. My dds started walking at 9mos and wanted to walk from that point on, but everybody gets tired. I was just at Universal Studios and SeaWorld for 3 days and would have loved a wheelchair some days.
Not to minimize the roller coaster you have been on, but I had cancer that was misdiagnosed by three different doctors (one of whom told me that it was nothing and go ahead and get pregnant!). I would appreciate a doctor that will explore the major negatives first to rule them out. But if she is pressuring you to treat things you can get over from on your own (like a sinus infection) after the diagnosis, that would be different. To me, it is important to be thorough to...
I was just at SeaWorld (so disappointing... don't even get me started) and I saw a "nursing room" and the symbol was a bottle. It was so bizarre.
We have a similar situation. I just deal with the kids. I tell them "you aren't allowed to play at our house/with my dds because you don't follow my rules". That isn't mean. It is the truth. If you keep sending them home, eventually they will get bored with it and stay away.
Quote: Originally Posted by quietplease Speaking as someone who has taken care of a disabled parent in my home.... your father is not safe alone if he cannot get out of bed by himself. What if there was a fire? Really, the social worker should be helping you find care coverage for the 2 hours that he is alone. If he can't move by himself, he's as helpless as a baby. Not every emergency can be remedied by a phone call. Honestly, if something happened...
I would suggest consulting a lawyer. Mine told me to wait until he was 12 to do it - then the judge would do it based on ds's desire alone regardless of whether ds's biodad contested (by this time, ds decided to keep his name and I go by both last names).
I just realized who Natasha looks like: Violet Baudelaire!
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