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Quote: Originally Posted by bobica IMO, each mother should decide how to spend *her* mother's day. ITA with this. I don't feel like it is my day until my mother is gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Have you considered talking to her about setting up your own personal "Mother's Day" a little further from her birthday? Maybe you two could have an annual lunch outing somewhere nice...in July or August? That is what I did for her birthday. A card and a promise of a special day for me and her (ie special day for her to spend with me- probably lunch and a movie). It is likely not to happen until June.
Yes, yes, yes. I totally feel the same way. I really hate all holidays right now. They seem so much out of obligation, when I would rather have nice normal days all year long, then obligatory celebrations. Some of my dread of Mother's Day has to do with my mom's birthday comes right before it, so I have to come up with 2 gifts and 2 ways to make her feel special in a short amount of time. She's really insecure and seems to need all the pomp and circumstance.
I think it is wrong and would likely be special to your dd because it was her grandmother's. I would let her know that this issue is likely going to affect how you and dh feel about her in the future and is getting the necklace back worth jeopardizing her relationship with you both?
I read somewhere months ago that there was supposed to be a pos preg test for Dwangela a long time ago, but that it hit the cutting room floor. So I won't be surprised if that is it. Is the finale this week? I am going oot with ds on a choir trip and am guessing they won't schedule around The Office showing time.
Quote: Originally Posted by anniegirl Yeah, meeting the class was weird to me to. I felt bad for Amber, not in the sense that I wanted her to be picked, but she just seems so insecure and vulnerable. Me too. I cried, but I still didn't think she should stay. She would only get more invested over time.
I surely thought that dress was inappropriate for the classroom. She had to pull it to cover her butt every time she sat down. I read that some of the parents in her class were upset she was on the show, so I guess the kids that were there had parents that were ok with it.
No kidding. She really showed her age. I kept thinking she would have had a better shot if she hadn't had him meet her roommate. I think Bevin seems unstable and I just don't have any feelings for Danielle. Crossing my fingers for Tessa.
My dd: Poor poor Amber! I think based on interviews with Chris (he said they cheered when Andy proposed) it must be Tessa. I love her!
Thanks so much for posting this. I had never heard of this and it resonates with me much more than the Secret. I am going to check it out!
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