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I forgot the link: http://www.homeschoolminder.com/index.html
I just got this link from a friend who works for the software company. I thought some of the more "schooly" homeschoolers might be interested. They offer a free trial CD which I have ordered. I'll report back and let you all know what I think if anyone is interested.
I read Siblings without Rivalry and found it helpful. It basically says to ignore the one doing the hurting and pay attention to the one being hurt. I don't think there is a short-term solution for this. I think it is something you will likely struggle with for years to come. We only fight over toys now, so that is easy to solve. I try to offer a second toy to the one who didn't get it first. If that doesn't work, they both lose it. This has really worked for...
Your mom needs real problems to worry about. Quote: So now I'm home from the grocery store (this was all on my cell phone while I was shopping!!!) and I'm feeling awful. What if my mom is right that I shouldn't be co-sleeping, what if my asthma flares up again. What if my child is warped for life! True, I can't find any studies that show that co-sleepers are warped for life--rather the opposite--but my mom said it and so it's getting under my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zaxmama hiya ladies just wanted to give you an update... my friend went through with her decision to terminate the pregnancy.. it was the most difficult decision of her life but she feels she made the correct one. all went well and she is doing fine now..thankfully it was a well respected medical practice and she was completely asleep for the procedure.. immediately after ( I took her and was her driver as she could not drive...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nemmer I'm thinking I'll probably try nursing them at the same time, simply to make the time more efficient. DS will have a hard enough time adjusting as it is, without me feeding them 24/7. This is exactly why I did it. I also loved looking at them holding hands while nursing. Enough to make your heart melt. I'll see if I can find a pic to post.
I tried to nurse them together as much as possible. I couldn't have lived without my nursing pillow from EZ2Nurse at www.doubleblessings.com . Have you checked out Karen Gromada's website? She has pictures of people nursing muliples in dozens of positions. www.karengromada.com
I think it is getting easier every day. I never tell people that it is "harder in a different way" because it isn't. I cried just about every day until they were 6 months old. Then I was crying roughly every other day until they were one. I cried maybe once a week until they were 18 months. Now I don't cry it all. So if it was really as hard as it was when they were infants I think I'd still be crying all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaley i also liked brigitte's contribution to the song. she is delightfully weird. Absolutely!
Quote: Originally Posted by polka123 I like him too....did you see him with the kids when they performed the song... he was too cool. Charo is cool, Brig is a hmm, how-you-say, flake. oh ryan, what a total WHINEY ninny. she needs to get over herself. I am really tired of her. I watched the whole set with Tammy Faye, Ron & Erik, etc. I really like those kids He was good with the kids. I can't stand Ryan or Jordan. But the rest I...
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