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Longing for this!
I had complete relief from all sorts of environmental and food allergies with a type of laser treatment.  I had gone various other routes to no success.  I found out about the laser therapy from a friend who's son had severe peanut allergies that were completely gone after the laser treatment.  She had also tried other treatments for her son that did nothing.  Science is not omniscient.
Funny. It didn't alert me. I'm so FB trained, still don't know how to work all this forum stuff ;-)
Octane beetle, fresh air does help, good idea to cook outside! Part of the cooking prob is being in the kitchen. The daily vomiting has started since Fri. I actually had to pull over today, thankfully I had a bag ready! Thanks for all the different ideas.seems like I can get something to work at least one time ;-) And yes,envirobecca, hopefully the nausea will end earlier
So sorry!i cannot imagine. :-(
I'll have to try the ACV in my water, thanks! Threw up 2 days on a row now. Can't even walk through my kitchen. Just want to be outside all the time
I did the raw form of capsules for my second. I had way more energy, hardly any mood swings, and even a stronger immune system. It is strange that out has become trendy, but it is not a modern phenomenon. It certainly required some mind over matter for me, but I am definitely doing it again this time. If you think you might do it, check into ways to nourish your placenta too. Best to have a healthy placenta if you want health benefits ;-)
I feel like I am nauseous earlier than my other pregnancies.  I started feeling it barely 6wks, with my other 2 I wasn't nauseous until around 8 wks.  I don't want to cook or touch food, but I need to eat.  I am a super nutrition freak, but all I want is junk food!  Not to mention drinks, not interested in water at all!  Keep trying to find something to drink, but nothing sounds good.  Also, i am way more exhausted than I ever was with my other pregnancies.  Anyone else?
I gave away ALL of my maternity clothes, because we were done having babies :-\ guess I get to go shopping now
I am currently nursing my 2yr dd.  I nursed my ds through her pregnancy, with many boundaries!  I night weaned him when I got pregnant.  We also chose to continue co-sleeping, mostly because he wasn't ready to move and I didn't want him to feel like no night milkies meant he couldn't sleep with us.  It worked for us.  I wasn't planning on tandem nursing, but was so glad I did when my milk came in strong because the older child helps with engorgement and even plugged ducts....
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