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I am using a New Native with 2 month old Hazel!
I started with a baby bundler, which was hard for me to get on by myself. I now have a New Native and love it. I can't figure out the adjustable kinds. I love the looks and comments you get when wearing a baby.
My 20 month old ds eats the dogfood! And our dog loves to share. We keep the dog food in our bathroom and close the door when he is awake. Sometimes he gets by me and I will hear him and the dog eating out of the same bowl. It is gross. A kid with dog food breath!
I am pregnant with #3. We are planning our third waterbirth at a birth center. Our due date is Dec. 28. My other kiddoes were 8 and 9 days late, so I am thinking January. Third babies just crawl right out on their own, right?........no labor and pain, heehee!
Medela Double Electric is my favorite. http://www.medela.com/NewFiles/breastpumps.html
Does anyone know of any good books on the uncirc'd male? I have a 1 1/2 year old intact ds and I read issues that can come up and I would have no idea how to deal with this. I am looking for info on retraction, puberty and infections and how to deal with them. I feel that I should know some of this so I don't have to go to a doc that will just tell me to circumsize!
I was just thinking the same thing.
I am going! My friends from DC are picking me up in Nashville. This will be my first trip away from my kids and dh. I am nervous about flying and most of all about being away from my family. But it will be a nice break away from everything. I think I get seperation anxiety worse then they do.
That is the same weekend as Bonnaroo in TN! www.bonnaroo.com
Sending one from Oregon. I also have a beautiful picture book of Oregon. Would you like that also? Or do you want just post cards?
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