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I stopped using booster seats for my kids when they were ~5 and wouldn't have liked to have used them longer. My kids are now nearly 21, 13, 13 and 9 if that makes a difference. I know I was always within Maryland law (IIRC, it was 4 years and 40 pounds).
Quote: Originally Posted by f&p'smama At the same time, I don't think this is how the human species is meant to be -- one mama raising two children by herself without other people around. Sometimes it feels really strange to be doing things this way; the whole single family home with no outside support. We get out and do stuff, but I don't really have many Mom friends. That would have felt unnatural to me, being that alone. My husband and I...
Now that it's done, I don't see how showing disgust would further your relationship with your cousin and her newborn son. You can do a lot of good in her life (and his life) by setting an example and being a support system for her. I hope you can connect with her and get to know the little guy.
Yes, I would leave my kids with a 13-year-old babysitter, male or female. However, I would need to know the babysitter and his/her family fairly well.
I also love the teenage years. It's so rewarding to read other people post about how wonderful teens can be. My kids are 20, 12, 12 and 8, and though we had a lot of : times with our oldest, it was never uninteresting. They're so funny and enthusiastic and passionate. I guess I'm just more of an "older kid" person than a baby person in general. Watching my kids become their authentic selves is exciting.
I just wanted to introduce myself, since I've been reading here for a week or so. My name is Jenny, and I live in Maryland. I have a 20-year-old daughter who's a junior in college, and she's currently studying abroad. I have 12-year-old boy/girl twins, who are in 7th grade. And I have an 8-year-old daughter, who's in 3rd grade. I used to read Mothering from time to time when my twins were little, but I don't read any parenting material anymore. I'm likely much...
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