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Too funny--your son sounds just like my kids, and like me at that age (and older)! My older brother and I played games with our "snugglers" until we were in our early teens. : My twins still played silly talking-with-snugglers games until they were 10 or so. I have the funniest videos. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Five is such an imaginative age. One of my favorite things to do is lie in bed with my 9-year-old (or my 13-year-old!) and use the stuffed...
I wouldn't be okay with my kids hanging out in homes where the parents smoke, mainly for health reasons. My DD9 has asthma, and DS13 has some allergies. I'm not okay with it. Besides, I hate the smell from smoke. I grew up in a household where my mom smoked (thankfully she stopped 15 years ago after nearly 40 years of smoking!), and I am exquisitely sensitive to the smell of nicotine.
I agree it's normal but frustrating. As someone with OCD, I hear you on the mess! My DH has a basket into which all the gaming stuff goes. The rule of the house is that controllers and other game paraphernalia gets put back into the basket, or the system is off limits. The kids don't always love the rules--no more than they love having to put their shoes and coats away at the front door every time they come in the house--but we make it clear that with a large...
Great thread! My 21-year-old daughter will be graduating from college in two months! My 13-year-old son just competed in a regional MathCounts event. He was offered academic scholarships to two private high schools and has decided to attend a public science/math magnet school. He has been selected to play clarinet in a regional classic band competition & is performing in the lead role of the 8th grade play. My 13-year-old daughter was offered an academic scholarship...
I would think it would be best to get some sort of diagnosis first to find out whether he does have a mental health problem. It sounds so tough. I'm sorry your family is struggling with this.
Our boy/girl twins (13 and in 8th grade) have a weeknight bedtime of 9:30 p.m. However, there are some nights when homework takes hours, and sometimes lights don't go out until closer to 10:00. On the weekend, we like them to be in bed around 11:00. However, if they're in the middle of a movie, we're not going to push it. If they're having a sleepover, we don't really set a bedtime, but around 1:00 or so we'll ask them to get ready to settle down.
Two of my four kids have attended sleepaway camps, and both had a nice enough time, but nothing they were particularly eager to repeat. We didn't visit the locations beforehand, but we knew people who were familiar with the camps & we had a lot of knowledge about what to expect. My DS13 and DD9 have no interest in sleepaway camps, and I'm okay with that.
My teens enjoy family very much. I think we're happiest when we're together. There's a sense of total comfort and belongingness that takes place when there are no "outsiders." We have the same (warped) sense of humor and we laugh all the time. Tonight we had a St. Patrick's Day dinner at my parents' house, and we giggled ourselves silly. That being said, they also enjoy time with friends. DD13 especially is very outgoing and social. But similar to what Arduinna...
At 6 1/2, my skinny boy was 40 pounds.
Add me to the list of those who think it's not a good idea, mainly for the protection of your son. Frankly, I think the whole situation is strange. When my teenage twins are home with their 9-year-old sister, I don't have my 9-year-old take a shower or bath during that time b/c sometimes she still does need help, and it shouldn't be a teenager's responsibility to help out with something that private.
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