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Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Goodman Can you give some examples? I'd love to have them to "sell" my students. In any problem or situation, it is beneficial to know how to break it down and analyze things critically. I'm not sure how that would ever not be the case. In my world, more knowledge = good. More learning how to learn = having a way to approach any task without feeling overwhelmed because you know how to examine, outline,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama Would you mind having another adult, or a child, correct you (now that you're an adult) whenever you use words that are different from the ones they want to hear? Or would you think it was rude? I'm teaching my children how to live in this world, not the other way around. If my children politely reminded me that I forgot to say please, I would be happy to hear that reminder. I'm sure that's happened. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flower of Bliss This sounds like a rough situation. I never liked the idea of off campus suspension. However, as a teacher, I think I can clarify the "30% grade reduction." My understanding from this is that homework and quizzes make up 30% of your child's total grade. During the 2 weeks that he will be out of class, he will not be able to take in class quizzes or hand in homework, so he will receive 0s on any homework and...
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesMama Thats part of it, we live in a small apartment and it is unsafe to play in our courtyard area (smokers, bigger kids who are not controlled and have pushed him over several times, cigarette butts everywhere, etc) That's too bad. I don't know if you can enroll him in anything, but my kids were in Tumble Tots at that age. It was an inexpensive class at the local community center, and I had to be there but...
Also, as a mom of twins, I always go out of my way to talk to other moms of twins. I probably annoy them.
I don't drink at home. I only drink when I'm out with my friends, and the kids are awake, but not with me.
My kids are in college, 8th grade (twins), and 4th grade, so they're gone all day long. I have an unusual schedule where I sleep during the day while they're gone. I usually sleep 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. or something to that effect. That's what I do while they're gone.
I meet my sister every week for dinner and cards, and once a month I meet other moms for dinner. A night out with my DH involves a good restaurant, sometimes a movie, and lots of talking. When I'm on my own, I like to go to a bookstore.
I always loved the attention. I miss people recognizing that they're twins.
I don't see why it would have to come up. If you are chastised, then I would simply say something to the effect of, "This is how we prefer to handle it."
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