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I declined the h1n1 without incident 3 times now. I have been exposed to it at least twice (two teens in two different schools) and think it is reasonible not to get the vax. I got the seasonal though, I've had the flu more than a few times in the last three years. I think the lecture thing is unprofessional, personally.
I had the same experience once or twice with my last pregnancy. It's scary, but my doctor said the same thing. In my case, everything turned out okay. Hope you have a great pregnancy.
My dh and I are looking to cut our budget. Cable was the no brainer. We looked into the cost of an anntena and converter box. $100. Anyway we called the TWC to turn it off. To our surprise they offered us the local channels for $5. a month. We still have the local weather and pbs. Which is pretty much all we watch.
My experience has been take your time. I will be starting ec again in April when our little one arrives. With my ds, we started ec when he was like 6 months, so. The other mom's will have more help to offer as far as a tiny one is concerned. With Jaden, it unfolded quite naturally, though. They are such wise little teachers.
In my experience it's the older generation that is the most judgmental. My older children were totally self weaned. With my 3rd there was so much, "you need to wean him" from everyone. It got to the point where I felt like isolating myself (us). Even when I asked for a speech evaluation there was all this emphasis on him not nursing for comfort, he wasn't even two yet! In the end my pregnant painfull breast were the catalyst for him weaning. I do agree that it is nice that...
I have only gotten the "aren't you done yet", crap a few times. I am remarried, I get the "wow, starting all over again" from everyone. I love having a larger family. Of course many of our friends have no children. Which reminds us how fortunate we are.
Quote: Originally Posted by boheime When my first was born, I had a "nursing station" in a big comfortable chair. When my second was born, I moved to the love seat so we could all fit, have kids' books, extra drinks, etc. While I thought my first lived in a sling as a baby (I pretty much never put him down), that was even more true for subsequent kids. I go back and forth between feeling very surreal about having baby #4 and then panicking a little...
By 5 days dpo (due date estimate) my breast were sore. I was still nursing my then 15 month old. Also my knee started feeling a little wobbly (it had been solid as a rock since healing from my acl reconstruction). Then I knew I better take a test., which of course took two weeks to turn positive.
I can relate. Sometimes (ok almost everyday) I have to have something sweet. I make sure I eat fruit even if it is not what I want. It's sweet and filling, and it helps me. I also recently discovered popcicles which are hydrating and sweet tooth satisfying. Thankfully the Christmas cookies are gone.
It has taken me 20 years to find my niche and decide what I want to do with my life. I've decided to become a personal trainer. I'm thinking ACE is the certification to go for. There are online certs available, too. I think I will work for someone, before I try to start a business. I think. If any of you have some advice to offer, I really would appreciate your imput. I wasn't sure where to post this, please feel free to put it where ever it should be.
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