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I can relate to this. I gained 7 pounds last month. I have gained 24 pounds at 28weeks.I have been drinking allot of juice, so I am drinking more water lately. My body seems to insist on 40-50 pounds (for a boy) pregnancy. All for a good cause. In my experience, you can't rush weight loss after the baby comes. For me it was 3 months before I lost any weight. Your body has to heal, and we must respect that. That being said I lost 43 pounds after ds1 was born (14 years...
Your post sounds allot like our experience with my ds at 18 months. I did talk to his doctor and he is now getting twice a week speech therapy. Our experience has been very positive. My ds loves it. Would he have been okay without it? Yes, I think so. Every child developes at their own rate. But he is better off for the experience, and I am glad I called. Happy holidays.
Two of my 3 are really shy. My daughter (now almost 16) grew out of it only in the last few years. She is quite outspoken and confident today. My 25 month old goes through periods of stranger anxiety. He was so shy, even around extended family, we were briefly concerned him. I talked to his doctor, which led to an evaluation. He is fine and since then he seems more accepting of people. Most likely, because everyone has relaxed about it. Lately he is really curious about...
With my ds, I remind myself that he does obey, almost all of the time. So I really praise him for cooperation. He has the occasional melt down, and I try to pay attention for triggers and learn from my mistakes. What worked for one of my kids doesn't always work for the other. Best wishes.
Thanks for posting. I am not the only one? I am pregnant with number four. My children are great. I only wish there were more time in everyday, as the teens deserve more of my time. I am also remarried and have found that life is more peaceful and our families are more intergrated. Best wishes to all of you.
Yes, we want this one to be our last, the time feels right. My body tells me I am at my limit. I am grateful all is well. I do love being pregnant, what a gift.
Hello, I hope it is okay to join here. They changed my due date from 3-30-10. EDD: 4/01/10 Name: Tricia Dh/So name: Chris Age: 34 Other Children: dd(15) ds(13) ds(2) Any Furbabies: our sweet Sequioa (irish setter) Any names you are thinking of: Dhani Are you secretly hoping for a specific gender: not anymore State: NY (Southern Tier)
Hi, I am so stressed. My older kids are coming home from their Dad's tommorrow. They are gonna be bummed. Eventually they will come around and be excited about the baby, but not this week. It is hard to hide this sort of thing from people you live with, especially curious teens. Dd will "know" something is up. Dh has me laughing about it right now. Sigh..Life is complicated.
I have never gotten a bfp before 14 dpo. I must have strange body chemistry. I didn't test early this time around, it was 14 days and barely positive even then. We got pregnant on a safe day, so I wasn't expecting our happy surprise. Best wishes.
I have a great walking routine. My ds is a stroller fan, and we live on top of a hill. I love Debbie Rockers walking dvd/cd, for days when the weather is bad.
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