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Hi..DS prefers sitting on my lap (facing twords the wall) on the toilet. Seems more casual, after all that's how Mom & Dad are doing it. We started around 6 months. He's 8 months now, and it's going great. I haven't tried a kids potty yet, but camping this year seems like it would be easier for him. So I am glad to read what people have to say in response to your post. Thanks
I noticed this site about a month ago. At the time my son was 24 weeks, I decided to give EC a try. Wow.. My son took to it so nicely! He has been peeing for a month now, and yesterday he had his first BM! Thanks for the advice, and best wishes to you all. Tricia
Interesting, I had never heard anything about this until reading this today. However,I gave birth about 4 months ago and I am nursing. I also have been using natural family planning for years. In a nutshell I have been working out at least 6 days a week for 2 months and didn't see much of a loss. I am only now starting to notice any loss in inches and my weight. Why? Don't know but I have noticed in the last week or so, small changes in my c/m (fertility signals). But...
GoodMorning Everybody Hope the new day finds you all well. It's Monday and I have lost 1 pound this week. starting weight 132 current 128 So that's 4 pounds. I work out everyday (30- 50 minutes). I'm trying to relax a little about counting my calories though. My baby boy is 13 weeks today. So yeah. Best wishes to you all.
Morning Ladies, I was wondering if any of you count your housework and errands in with your calories used for the day. I don't, but I was wondering if you think it has much of an impact on weight loss. I usually have to stagger my work outs depending on when the baby is asleep or there is someone around to help out. The one thing I have going for me is consistancy, because I enjoy working out. It's just a matter of time. Happy Sunday.
Quote: Originally Posted by mightymoo Have you seen this site: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/mo...eightloss.html It has some great guidelines and kellymom.com is a great site. I'm not a great person to give advice in that arena, I never really lost much weight deliberately while nursing. My son was a nursing champion and I lost weight despite myself for a while, but then I gained it all back with my bad habits :P Thanks so much. It...
Hi Ladies, Thanks so much for posting this thread. I have an 11 week old, I am so hungry! I have been mad at myself thinking I'm a freak with no will power. I got allot of good advice here. I am also curious about the coconut oil. How do I take it? :
Hello Do mind if I join you all here? I think that no plan describes me perfectly, although I dabble in plenty. We recently were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. He is 11 weeks old. During the first month I lost 20 pounds but I have been stuck at the same weight for 3 weeks now. I work out at least 30-50 minutes every day, my biggest problem is that I am afraid to eat. I am nursing and really confused about how many calories I need. Am I expecting to much? Any advice...
Just a thought, Jaden has what I thought was acne,but it was actually mild excema. I use Aquafor after his bath, and it is getting much better. Good luck.
Sorry I am just reading this, Jaden was born on Nov 5 (my due date was Nov 10).
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