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The short of it, 6 1/2 month old, 2 new teeth getting another new one. He bites and pulls my nipple before eating. My nipples are cracked, bleeding and VERY sore. How can I get him not to bite? WEaning is not an option, but my nipples are killing me. Help.
Thank you for all of your help!!! Guess what, we have a little tooth coming up!! I think he was doing it all inpain instead of gas. HE just reacted the same in both ways!!! I feel way better now!!
Try the supplement Fenugreek. It is an herb you can find in stores. My friends and I at work had to use this and it worked for all of us. The only bad thing is that it makes your urine smell like maple syrup. With both of mine (before I went back to work) pumped after they ate, EVERTIME!. I have a whole freezer full. It really works. I get 10-12 oz. Before it I got about 4!! Good Luck
Ok, I have a 6 month who is waking up every hour with gas. He does not want to eat. He screams and cries, stretches out his body. I have been up straight for over 2 weeks now. I breastfed my 1st for 2 years and am really struggling now to keep with this one. I have cut down on dairy, spicy foods. Any other ideas what could be causing this or hidden dangers in what I eat? I am so tired and getting about 3-4 hours a sleep at night and I work full time teaching, not a...
OK-so I had a plugged duct that was painful, NOWon the edge of my nipple where the plugged duct was is white. IS this normal or should I just go and see the dr? It is no longer painful, sore or lumpy? HELP
I have a recurring plugged duct that is very painful. Thsi is my second child and he nurses very well and I pump. It is always the same duct. Does anyone know how to avoid it happening? It happens about every 3-4 days and is very painful. PLease help!
Ask the hoispital for an sos system. It is a device you put around the mothers neck and it has small tubes that you tape to your breast/nipple and the baby learns to latch. If the baby is not gaining weight, then put formulas in the sos system and let the baby suckles the formula out of the tubes and the baby will still stimulate the nipple. This system is given to mothers who adopt children and want to nurse. It really works. However it takes a lot of work. We had...
Does anyone know of a book or place I can get the directions or a kit to make a bellycast? I would like to do it as inexpensive as possible.
i have had pre-term labor at 28 weeks and at 31 weeks. At each time I received a shot of Terbutaline. What can anybody tell me about it. I have been looking on the internet, not much there. Does anyone know of a healthier way to stop pre-term labor?
I have carpal tunnel syndrome normally and during my pregnancy it does get worse. I see a chiropractor and it really helps!!
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