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Oh I'm in the oversupply club as well...poor baby has to drink from fire hoses.
If you pm me your FB email and name I can add you!
Yes, that is where is was!!!
My sister who is due two weeks before me just had an overnight in the hospital for the same thing...her doctor said he would like her to take it easy so gave her a note to bring to work to reduce her shifts from 12 hours to 8 hours and that when she is not working that she should be taking it easy when she can.  She was having some contractions, too, so they reminded her to stay hydrated to try and keep those at bay so that they didn't work to shorten the cervix anymore....
All of a sudden underwire bras were hurting and I was just feeling heavy...then had a little wet shirt this morning so milk is getting ready. I feel like this is earlier than the others at just 27 weeks...anyone else starting up?
So weird, did I give you kahdib@gmail.com?  That's what my login on FB is...do you have to add a person or an email?  Anyone else want to try to add me :)  Pretty please with sugar on top! 
I'm thinking this baby is transverse...I really wonder which side is the head.  But I am mostly getting kicked/jabbed in the upper right side of my belly and then directly opposite and a tiny bit lower in the left side.  Makes me think baby is laying across the belly...hoping that maybe when she decides to turn head down I won't feel oh so very wide!! 
I was desperate for something and found some old pop tarts on a top shelf that DH must have purchased...I don't know why but they tasted so good.  Definitely not organic...but that craving can now hit the road! 
I also am on MDC on my phone a lot and find the mobile site pretty easy! 
Still patiently (not so much!!) waiting for an add to the FB group if anyone sees this :)    Thanks!!!  Kate
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