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I was told 130 after the one hour was high...since I came in at 129 last pregnancy...it is so frustrating having all of these different sets of "normal". But I agree that testing to just "make sure" for a couple weeks and watching diet shouldn't be too much of a hardship, right?
I think we have finally settled on a name! Chase Steven...his big sister is Emerson Grace... Chase and Emerson are the dining hall names at the college that DH and I went to...hangs head in shame...but we love them! My dad is already calling them the cafeteria kids...lol!
Well this is from a mama who has over 800 posts over at thebabywearer.com (my home away from home) and they actually steered me over here when I was complaining about main stream mommy boards! From experience with my DD...I didn't start baby wearing when she was little enough to be in a Moby, but you bet your bottom dollar I got one for this little guy...although honestly, 6 yards of strechy jersey fabric would do just as well if the $35 price tag is too much...I've seen...
The grandparents here are all hedging to be with Emmie but I just keep thinking the quicker the labor the quicker I can get home to my baby (will be 22 months) and introduce her to her little brother. I think this the part I am dreading most...
You know what is maddening? I want to see it...but Netflix carries it and Blockbuster Online doesn't....ergh!! I'll have to find a screening or wait until the end of March.
It is sad that I hope incontinece for you....lol...the things pregnancy does to a woman. Well wishes and intact waters are in my thoughts!
I was asking DH if we could make our house a nudist colony...we have clients come over a lot and I said, "We won't even get dressed for them..." he laughed and said, "What about the ones that book us without meeting us frist? Will we show up to their weddings wearing only our cameras too?"
It is threads like this that remind me to do them....but as you can see by my post count over there that is not enough!!!!
I'm at 30 weeks and just ordered mine...doh! Wish I had known about it sooner! I'm excited for it to come and to start, though!
I keep telling DH we need a step stool to help DD reach the sink (19 months) so that we can wash her hands more frequently...so you know we're not doing it in our house. I'm not a frequent hand washer either and believe that I've been exposed to more germs because of it and I rarely get sick because of that exposure...I had a roomate who was a constant washer and was always sick? I do believe we eat way more than a pound of dirt before we die...I've even **GASP** picked...
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