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Haha!  YES!!  I feel like I am eating all the time right now.  I told my husband I am eating like a hobbit!  I'm not looking forward to morning sickness, but at least it will keep me from gaining too much weight. 
So excited to be here! We are expecting #3!! I have been married for 8 years, and I have two adorable little girls (4 and 16 months). We just started TTC this month. I got my BFP on Monday, 5 days before my missed period. I could hardly believe it! Not quite sure on the due date yet, but it looks like it is somewhere around July 19th.
Decided against posting this.
I decided to wing it with this birth and it worked. I had to keep moving. I leaned with both hands on the back of a chair, the bed rail, and the shower bar while rocking my weight from one leg to the other. I also moved my hips around in a circle - like very slowly hula hooping. The contractions felt the worst when I had to be tethered to the bed for monitoring. Also, I did vocalizations - lots of deep "Ohs." I sort of felt like I was mooing like a cow! I...
Congratulations! Enjoy your new little lady!
Millicent Edith "Millie" was born on Monday, June 29, 7lbs 8oz, 20 1/2 in. My water broke at 6:15 AM, I was in active labor by 12:00 PM, and we were holding our little girl at 3:49 PM. Labor was intense and very empowering. I was able to stick up for myself at the hospital and avoid any interventions. I still can't believe I had the natural childbirth of my dreams (thanks to my awesome DH and fantastic nurse). Now for my mini vent: While I was still in triage,...
I had an episode of false labor on Wed. night too. The contractions were strong enough that they kept me up all night, but they were irregular. Then early Thurs. morning I had about 2 hours of regular, 8 min. apart contractions. DH started packing, my mom came over for DD, and I got in the shower - where they stopped cold turkey!! Beyond frustrating! I didn't realize how lucky I was to just have my water break last time.
Quote: Originally Posted by EmmaJean I just want to quit having this in my brain!!! That's exactly how I feel!! I'm anxious about getting someone here in time to take care of DD, getting to the hospital in time, and dealing with labor pain. I'm even a little nervous about nursing (last time HURT in the beginning). I've had too much time to think it all over, and I'm just over it now! Let's get this show on the road!
I had a lot of bloody show this morning, but I am not letting myself get too excited. I've had so many "signs" and still here I sit!!
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