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We installed ours today. I just figure it is one less thing to think about in the coming days. It actually took me a lot longer to clean it out and became a bigger project than I thought it would. I also reread the manual and double checked on any recalls.
Thank you all for your advice. I was just referred to a child psychiatrist today, and I am praying that they will have good advice for our family! It is so hard to see your baby in pain and feel like a failure because there is nothing you can do to help them.
Congratulations on your new little girl! :
I have been hanging out in the July DDC. I am due July 1st, but DD came at 38 weeks. So I am hoping for mid-June.
I will be 35 weeks on Wed. which is hard to believe. I have a mile long "to do" list that I want to complete before baby arrives. I had my DD at 38 weeks, and am hoping for the same this time around too. So hopefully I will be holding a baby in my arms in 3 weeks!! The anticipation is killing me!!
I wear the extra long ribbed tank tops from Target more than any of my actual maternity tops. Like another poster said, I wear them under maternity shirts that are getting a little too short as well. Then when my milk comes in, my chest is so huge that they still fit for another month or two.
I will be 40 weeks on July 1st. My DD came at 38 weeks, so I am hoping I only have a month left!
My dd (2.5) has been withholding her bowel movements since she was 18 months. It all started after she had a nasty stomach bug that caused horrible diarrhea. Her pediatrician has confirmed that her habit of withholding is purely psychological. She typically goes every 3 - 5 days. She has a great diet (prunes, dates, pears, peas, oats, flaxseeds, a lot of water, low dairy, etc.) and I am actually pretty amazed that she can hold it in as long as she does. She does the...
That's awesome! You must be so relieved. I have a u/s next week to check on my marginal previa and am hoping for great news like yours.
Quote: Originally Posted by EFmom She said she talked with her child about being respectful. Also, how effective are your lessons on respect, when you are modeling intolerance and disrespect?
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