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little sister!! We are so excited and shocked! We totally thought we were going to have a boy and already had a boy name picked out and ready to go! I can't wait to see two sisters grow up together and hopefully become best friends, and I already envision us getting pedicures together. :
Oh my gosh!! How exciting! Congratulations!!
I have been feeling my little one since 15.5 weeks. At first it was a little flutter every other day or so, and now I feel definite thumps and rolls for 15 min. sessions a few times a day. : The best part of pregnancy!!
I had a horrible stomach flu with DD at 18 weeks and ended up in the ER. I could NOT STOP throwing up. It was horrible like a scene from The Exorcist. I was so resistant to taking any meds during my pregnancy, but Zofran was the only thing that made it stop! Glad you are feeling better!
Hopefully I will be finding out during my u/s on Feb.4. I am thinking boy because my morning sickness was less severe. I will be equally happy with whatever we have.
I used Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action with DD and just ordered some more. I have read that stretch marks are hereditary, but I didn't get a single stretch mark on my stomach last time so I am definitely willing to replicate my actions this time around!
I don't have any lasting cravings with this pregnancy, just weekly phases. I was really into cottage cheese and pineapple last week. The week before that I couldn't get enough cooked sushi, and currently it's lentils (I am eating them right now actually . With DD I literally drank gallons of cranberry juice. This time around the thought of cranberry juice makes me feel icky!
I think it's fine! DH and I planned a trip to Ireland before I became pregnant with DD. There was no way I was going to visit Ireland and not have a little Guiness!
I had a positive first trimester screening because of elevated hCG levels (sign of Down's Syndrome). I had to wait a week for a nuchal translucency u/s. My adjusted results were 1:413 (would have been 1:950 based on age alone). The genetic counselor told me that anything higher than 1:220 is considered "negative" or low risk so no further testing was advised. I will be receiving a level II u/s as well, but that is standard practice for my HCP. I am scheduled to get my...
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