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The genetic counselor called this afternoon. I tested negative!! : I have a 1:413 chance of Trisomy 21 (based on age alone I had a 1:950) and a 1:5000 chance of Trisomy 18. Anything over 1:220 is considered negative. What a nice Christmas present!!!
I thought it was strange that immediately after I vomited a few weeks ago I had an intense craving for a giant plate of Greek food.
Thanks ladies! I know mainstream testing and additional u/s are controversial here, so it means a lot to have your support. There's only one baby in there! The nuchal fold measurement was fine - 1.7 (The tech said anything under 2.5 is considered normal). Gross anatomy was perfect so far! They still need to combine these latest findings with my blood work though, but I feel great after seeing my little one kicking and squirming!...
I felt the same thing, and then when I hit 12.5 weeks I could distinctly feel my uterus apart from my abdominal muscles. With my first pregnancy (before my muscles were stretched out) I couldn't really tell where the top of my uterus was until it reached my belly button.
I'll be thinking of you too!
I have eaten blue cheese and feta throughout this pregnancy. There are not a lot of foods that sound appealing to me, so if I am in the mood for a soft cheese, I am eating it!!
I am a little nervous, but trying to stay positive. My first trimester blood work came back abnormal (elevated hCG), so I have been referred to a perinatal office for a NF ultrasound. Then I will have to wait 5 days for a genetic counselor to give me my risk ratio for Trisomy 21, 18, and 13. I took it for granted that all my tests were great with DD. Part of me is happy with my decision to receive all the possible information (I am a science nerd ), but the other...
I have no itch to shop with this pregnancy so far. I tried to buy a lot of gender neutral things with DD that would work if we had a boy next, so I already feel pretty prepared. I need more newborn cloth (or might do a diaper service for the first couple of months - haven't decided). I want a new sling and an electric breast pump (my hand pump just didn't cut it with DD). I mainly just need to make a few furniture purchases. The new baby's room is currently my...
Quote: Originally Posted by DahliaRW Though you should know that tylenol passes into the breastmilk. Ibuprofen either does not or does so in extremely small quantities (I can't remember which it is). Therefore my MW said to take ibuprofen and avoid tylenol. I just looked it up, and both tylenol and ibuprofen pass through breastmilk in extremely small / safe amounts.
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