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Hi!  I joined this thread a while back, but I wanted to pop in.  I am now officially 40 (almost 40 1/2) and we have been trying for 8 months now after losing our baby in March at 19 weeks.  I am charting and looks like ovulating around day 21, so my cycles are really long.  I have had a bunch of tests and everyhting looks good, but for some unknown reason I am not getting pregnant. I have been feeling very discouraged and sad especially because a year ago I got pregnant...
After losing my baby 9 months ago, I still am not pregnant despite trying and trying.  Tests show nothing wrong with me.  All my babies were conceived on the first try.  Why am I suddenly not able to get pregnant?
I'm just curious what others do to get the schoolwork done? It's a daily struggle to get the smallest amount of stuff done at my house. My boys are 6 and 8. Everything is a big fight, and frankly I am very tried of it. I don't want to fight with my kids everyday to get them to do one workbook page. They take a few enrichment classes which they love. But I do want them to learn math and writing and reading. It is these subjects that are frought with power struggles. ...
I left town for awhile and just now got back to this thread. And wow! My ds could def be diagnosed with ADHD, I just have never taken him for testing and we homeschool, so I have avoided the label. We have also in the past struggled with possible food allergies. Thanks for all the info and ideas. Nice to know we aren't alone in this.
Hey folks! After an overscheduled year I intentionally signed my boys (7 and 5) up for nothing this summer. I am now bored out of my head and my boys are slowly dismantling my home. Anyone doing any cool projects this summer? I need a shot of creativity. (:
Hello! Looking for some advice/ideas. My ds almost 8 wets the bed every night. He wears pull ups but still pees through them. The doctor has always told us that there is nothing we can do and he will just out grow it, but when? He sleeps so soundly he just cant seem to wake himself up. I wake him up to use the bathroom at midnight, but he still wets the bed in the early hours of the morning. I could get up at 5am to wake him to use the bathroom, but truly I do not...
Congrats LROM! You just made my day feel a little brighter.
Well, I am 2 days past when AF was due, but I am 3 cycles since my loss and I don't know if my body is back to normal. It must not be. I had sore breasts for 10 days up until 2 days ago, now I feel totally normal. BFN on preg test. But still no AF. We sure gave it a good try though this month. Kind of tired of all the trying KWIM. Feeling very frustrated with my body.
Oh I can totally relate to wondering whether it is just time to move on and be happy with what I already have. We were done too after our second ds almost 6 years ago. But, I always wanted another in theory. It was just that I was so overwhelmed with my crazy boys that I couldn't see it happening. However, I always felt like there was another baby waiting to join our family. I really truly believed that, and over the years I became so sure of it that we made one...
Here we go!!! Hello! I am adding myself to the trying to conceive list one month before my 40th birthday. I feel too close to 40 to add myself to the 30 something list. Maybe I will succeed in getting pregnant this month, but I won't know until my birthday anyways. Hope that's OK. I have two ds age 7 and 5 and I just lost a little baby at 19 weeks on march 10. We just decided to give it another try. Good luck to all.
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