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Thank-you! (: And I am keeping my fingers crossed that you are wrong, because we just lost our little baby and I really hope in the future that we can have another. But thank-you for your repsonse.
Hi! I was wondering if you see us having any more children. Thanks!
Hello! So, my quad screen results combined with the early ultrasound were all normal. I haven't been worried at all, but I happened to ask what the exact numbers were and now I am worried. I have a 1 in 290 chance of having a baby with DS. That doesn't seem like too small of a chance to me. Now, I don't want to worry needlessly, but I am wondering if I should get an amnio (I am 39) My midwives seemed to think everything was great by those test results. Not sure...
hahahaha! I love all these responses! I was just talking to a friend who I think summed it up well. She said "Society in general just wants you to have one of each gender and they can't be happy if you dont do that." Thanks for all the stories! Michelle
Ok, someone else must be experiencing this as well, but it is really hurting my feelings and bugging me to no end. I have two ds and am 15 weeks pregnant with my third unknown gender.r Everyone and I mean everyone says to me something ranging from: Oh I hope for your sake its a girl. You deserve a girl. I know you'll have a girl. Oh wouldn't it be great if it was a girl. Then I have the other end of the spectrum. OMG it cant be another boy that would be insane. Or,...
Hello! I'm going to talk with my midwife abt this too, but it's on my mind now. I am flying in a couple of days and I have severe flight anxiety. I usually take something like xanax or valium, but am planning on taking nothing on this flight because I am 11 weeks pregnant. However, as the day approaches I am starting to feel more and more that I'm not sure I can fly by myself without extreme stress which is bad for baby and for me. Has anyone taken anything...
If so do you love it? Is there a homeschool community there? Are things for kids to do? What about teens? We live in Seattle but I would love to move out into the country more, but my husband works in Seattle so we cant go far. Thanks!
I live in North Seattle, and I want a nice, supportive, extremely experienced midwife to help deliver my baby. I dont need her to be too hands on since this is my third and I kind of know what Im doing.
Hey folks! I need a great homebirth midwife. Got any suggestions for me? Thanks!
I just went for an appt today at Rainy City Midwifery with Beth Coyote and another midwife Lynn Hughes who is new to the practice this fall. Now I know Beth Coyote comes highly recommended but I cannot find any info on the other midwife. I always like to hear that others loved her too KWIM? Anyone had experience with her? Thanks!
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