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HI! We took the side completely off our crib and the wheels too so it could not roll away from the bed. We stuffed rolled up blankets in the space between our bed and ds mattress. It worked great for awhile until ds started to crawl and then he would never stay in there. Now he sleeps in regular crib part time and with me part time.
OK, what is up with husbands and snoring??? My DH sleeps on the couch because I can't stand his snoring and he can't stand the baby waking up all night long. If he doesn't have to work, I sleep on the couch and he brings me the baby. I do miss him, and I like to blame the separate sleep on the snoring, not the baby.
I think we have always tried to live a simple life. It seemed the only way we could do what we really wanted: travel. When I got pregnant I was finishing my fourth year of interpreting school. I guess I decided somewhere in that last year that none of it really mattered. What matters to me is my family. So far, we have managed to live on one income in Seattle, which I feel very good about. We just make a budget and stick wth it. It can be hard and I do look at my...
My MIL told me that I do not have a cuddly baby. The way to have a cuddly baby she states is to make sure you give them a pacifier. If you give them a pacifier they will then become cuddly babies. UGH
Let me just start by saying that you are in good company. I have asked myself many times whether I am a worse mommy because I never get more than two hours of sleep in a row. I'm so tired I sometimes feel like a drug addict: I can only think about one thing: sleep. My ds is 7 months. He slept 7 hours in a row from 1 month until about three months and then he stopped. He now sleeps about 1 and 1/2 to two. Sometimes he'll sleep three and that feels amazing. My husband...
I read these boards constantly, especially the nightwaking board. So much great information and support. My name is Michelle and I live in Seattle. I am SAHM but I do an occaional interpreting job (American Sign Language) just to keep in practice. I love love love all the great ideas and positive feelings from everyone on these boards. Just thought I'd say HELLO!!!
HELP!!!!! My 6 1/2 month old ds is waking up constantly. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. He used to sleep in a crib next to our bed for the first part of the night, then with us for the rest. Of course he would rather sleep with dh and I and began to refuse the crib. So I removed the side off his crib and attached it to our bed, which works fine except now he crawls and just crawls in bed with us immediately upon waking. This would all be fine except he...
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