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My homeschooled 5 year old ds has some social issues that I have reached my breaking point over. I am considering pulling him out of our homeschool group, and the classes he is involved with. This would basically end all his social stuff except for the neighborhood kids, and a couple of friends he could see weekly, and a weekly park day. I just don't know if that's enough. How much time do your kids spend playing with other kids?
I need some help dealing with issues my ds is having. Does anyone have any resommendations for the seattle area? Thanks (:
I am at a total loss about how to help my son in this situation: We belong to a group of young homeschoolers. we have been a part of it for a couple of years. There is one boy in the group who my son particularly does not get along with. They kind of fluctuate between being friends and enemies. Unfortunately, my son is the one who stands out as the instigator in most of the problems. I do believe it is the combination of the two of them, not just my son, that is...
Actually, now that I read about it, he does have some of the characteristics of high functioning asbergers. But, only in his clumsy social skills. However, it doesn't bother him. Kids flock to him, and he doesn't handle them well. He hurts other kids feleings, not vice verse. He does get his feleings hurt. But mostly, in fact alsmost always, he just gets angry and lashes out. He is almost never sad when it comes to other kids.
Thanks for all the replies. I don't think ds is autistic, he may have some sensory issues. It is all related to social stuff. l'm really at the end of my rope. Yesterday was a terrible day. At his music class he just couldn't stop competing with, and being mean to one of the other children, who he has a history with. He doesn't get along with this child. All they do is fight. My ds will do something, and this other little boy will tell on him. They do not get...
thanks for all the replies. It probably is some sort of hidden food allergy. I have had him tested at a naturopath. And he didn't show an allergy to anything. But, there never seems to be any clear pattern to his "crazy" behavior, except that I really see it in social situations with other kids. It can be just one kid or many, and it doesn't matter where we are. Yesterday we went to the zoo with two friends his age. He was completely out of control the entire...
Yes, it really is just with peers. He's great with adults, and he is great with me one on one. He likes to talk and talk and talk. so, one on one is perfect for him.
I bet you are right onj with the nutrition. He eats very poorly. He hates all vegetables, eats minimal fruits and as much carbs and animal protein as he can get his hands on. We try not to buy foods with dyes, but occasionally he gets something. Can I give him the Floravite if he hasn't been diagnosed with anemia?? The nutrition area is a good place to start. Thanks for your reply (:
I am at an absolute loss as to what to do with my ds (5) He is, and has always been extremely verbal, amazing imagination and creativity. Way ahead of any of his peers. However, socially he acts like he's 2. He has to control every situation. He has huge tantrums if he doesn't get his way. He freaks out if he gets even slightly frustrated with another child. He hits, he pushes, he calls mean names. He is always encouraging other kids to not listen to their parents...
Does anyone have any good spanish resources, ideas, books, etc for teaching Spanish to a 5 year old? I don't even know where to start , thanks.
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