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Sorry its been a while since I've posted, I've been real busy. I was last on in the middle of April, so it has been a while. UPDATE: My husband is home from his deployment, woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Nick left shortly after Kathryn was born and missed her 1st birthday.
I really can't believe it, boy how time flies. I hope everyone had a good holiday! It's been a while since I've posted.
I have really missed you guys, I haven't be on since the middle of April. I miss this place. My husband is in Iraq, things are really difficult around here but its time for me to come back. Welcome to all the newbies who have arrived since I have been gone and I hope everyone is doing well.
Welcome to MDC!!! Enjoy.
Welcome to MDC!!!! Enjoy.
Welcome to MDC!!! I am so sorry about your loss but I hope we all can be of some help if you need it. Enjoy.
Congrats, Welcome, and Enjoy!!
Hey Sonrisaa29, Welcome to MDC! I'm in Bucks County as well, Doylestown to be exact.
Welcome to the boards!!! Enjoy.
Welcome to the boards!!! Enjoy.
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