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Congratulations and welcome Matthew and Molly!!!   AM you are very much in my thoughts tonight, I hope you are healing quickly and able to be with your babies. Sending you love .    
Quote: Originally Posted by Mosaic Yup, DD's 14 weeks and we're both shedding like there's no tomorrow. DD is almost bald, and I just look as tired as I feel. Same here, only DS is 11wks.
Have you looked into whether she might have reflux? The fussing during nursing can be a symptom. It might be something to rule out to make sure the crying and fussiness isn't because she's in pain/ discomfort.
Quote: Originally Posted by •Adorkable• Akiva, ooooooo , So on the list! A great example of unique and still seams regal and classy! and I hope you are flattered rather than bothered but I have Ezra on my long list at well. This is so much easier with the girl names, I'm feeling like I'm going to be thrown a curve ball with the boys. Not a problem at all, Adork, -- as long as you understand that if you use Akiva, it is still on my list...
I love the name Akiva.
I am going to switch and try using Country Save on my diapers and wanted to know how you use? I've read anywhere from 1/2 a scoop to 1/8 (I'm not even sure how people measure that little-- it would be like a teaspoon?) of a scoop. Also, when using it with a front loader, do you use the dispenser, or just put it directly in the washer? And, if you use the dispenser, do you dissolve the detergent in some liquid first? Thank you!
I'm afraid to answer because I'm afraid it will sound like bragging (and I'm also afraid this is just a phase and will come to a screaming halt any minute), but so far, my baby will let me put him down as long as he isn't hungry, doesn't need to be changed, or isn't fussy because he's trying to poop. We have a little portable swing and he seems to like it as long as he's calm, sleepy, or asleep when we put him in it (I also take him out of it ASAP if he's starting to get...
Help! We keep going through a cycle where the skin in the baby's diaper area will look great for a few days, then get reddened for ~2 days, then peel for a day or two , then go back to looking okay, then the cycle repeats. He doesn't seem overly uncomfortable or in pain, but it's making me feel like a failure and like I want to say screw it and use disposables. I need help figuring out what the problem is and/ or where to start figuring out what the problem is. Is...
Quote: Originally Posted by misskitten Glamourmom offers the full bust top now. If you're reaching up to DDD you should probably look into that style I'm way beyond a DDD and the full bust works pretty well for me.
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