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Thanks everyone for the replies.   Sunflwr: I hadn't even noticed that it 'could' be pronounced any other way than kay-lin.  My aunt's name is Kaye and my mother's middle name is Lyn so I just stuck them together.
Lol I didn't think of that. I do like the way Eleida Jordan Raine flows. I'll have to run that one past DH
So I think we finally have this name thing at least half way figured out.   If Squishy turns out a boy he will be: Donovan Bjørn Williams Lastname   For a girl we have two options: Jordan Eleida Raine Lastname  or  Kayelyn Eleida Raine Lastname    I'm honestly not totally overjoyed with either of the girls first names but they are currently top of the list.   Opinions or any awesome girl name suggestions?
For those of you who serge your wipes: How do you finish off the seam? The ones i've made always seem to start coming unsewn after awhile.
Lol, that's exactly how I described it to my DH the other day. 
I get this all the time. I got one of those back brace / belly support bands and it has been helping a lot.
I want a home birth but my DH is still kinda freaking out about that, (and the birth center has a bigger tub lol). So most likely I'll be at the birth center with the midwives, DH, my mom (if she doesn't get annoying), and maybe my MIL and a couple of friends. I'm 'planning' to witer birth but we'll see how I feel in the moment.
Hi mamas,   I just wanted to say hi and finally get around to introducing myself.   I have been reading and enjoying all of your posts since the beginning of this ddc but I haven't posted anything yet. I think I've been afraid that somehow if I started posting in a ddc that it would jinks things. I am pregnant for the 5th time in 3 years but I lost the first 4. I am finally getting comfortable with the concept the this time everything will be ok. It helps...
Hi, can i get added to the list? Due April 26th.  thanks
Awesome idea.  I'm moving this weekend so all the clothes will be boxed anyway, now I am thinking I just wont unpack anything till I need it. lol   
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