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Bumping to see if there's more of us out there...
I'm a flight attendant for the world's (current) largest carrier, and nowhere in our manual does it say to ever put a child on the floor. In both instances of a child without a seatbelt and an infant in arms, you are to hold the child close and provide support to an infant's head and neck.
Subbing, since I live in 2a and will try my first garden this year!
Hi there, my dad's magazine, Back Home, just did an article on this where they used the eggshell idea mentioned above! Not only is it free, but it seems like it would be incredibly easy and beneficial for the seedling. I am going to try it out and report back!
We spend about $100-$120 a week for 6 people. We are not vegan, but ovo/lacto vegetarians. We get all our vegetables for the week from our CSA which is $33. I also get the eggs from there which are free range, veg fed for an additional $4. The remaining ingredients we get from our local markets (our nearest "real" grocery store is an hour away). They have taken to getting some organic ingredients which is nice. We don't drink milk or use it and get rice/soy/almond...
I'm a flight attendant, so I was at the airport in Burbank CA! I remember thinking, we're not going anywhere today.... I was also 4 months pregnant.
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