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I had the same problem. With DD2 I had big plans for her to sleep in the co-sleeper. By the third or so night it was clear that she would sleep for about 30 min in the co-sleeper, but 3 hours in the bed with me. Guess where she is still sleeping?
I agree with Sosureal that swaddling seems dangerous if he is rolling onto his belly. I would want to give him every chance to roll from his stomach to his back or side if need be. I also have a 5 1/2 month old, and I'm not sure I would use a sleep positioner with her eaither. I really try to minimize the amount of stuff in our family bed. At this age they are mobile enough to get themselves stuck some place but not coordinated enough to get unstuck. Sorry - I realize...
I have never been asked this directly, but I can see people wondering it. Mostly, people ask me where my daughter got her HUGE brown eyes (mine are small and blue). I usually tell them that her father has brown eyes and leave it a that because I know that I am not answering the question that they are really asking. However, my husband's SIL (also an interracial marriage) has twice had someone say to her, "Your children are beautiful. Are they adopted?" which combines...
In my last house I had a front loader, hard water, and used Charlie's on the dipes. I would use 1 T of bleach in the rinse of my wash cycle, then run another hot wash with no detergent to rinse. It seemed to work well. I never had a stink problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by because BUT. The O6 know that their friends are still on the island so why would they go randomly shooting at people they can't see well in a boat? And if Locke comes back with the O6 and is alive on the island for some reason, isn't he going to be in both boats? Very true. I think my theory only works if the O6 do not know that it is their friends who stole their boat. They just want their boat back. Or maybe Ben...
Yay! I went to the FYT forum looking for this exact topic. I can't believe I found it so quickly... Hubby is from Pakistan where multigenerational living is more the norm than the exception. He has one brother in the states and they decided that they wanted to carry on that tradition. Right now were are a household of eight: me, dh, dd(2), bil, sil (bil's wife), nephew(5), niece(3), and fil. My mil will join us as soon as the INS finishes processing her visa. Our house...
Did anyone else think that when the Sawyer/Locke group were paddling the boat around the island that it was the Oceanic 6 that were chasing and shooting at them? You know, the people that we couldn't see in the boat behind them? My guess is that we are going to see that scene again from the perspective of the Oceanic 6 when they get back to the island. I wonder then, who it was that Juliet shot? Just a hunch!
My favorites have already been mentioned, except the British miniseries Prime Suspect. It was the best cop/detective show I had seen before I saw The Wire. I love that it stars a woman over forty, and I've been a huge Helen Mirren fan ever since.
I would be so bummed if our PBS station stopped showing Mr. Roger's! I think I appreciate him more now as a mother than I did as a kid. By the way, there are Mr. Roger's DVD's. Our library has a 3-4 of them.
We have a Whirlpool Duet. I use Charlie's and Calgon water softener because we have very hard water and the combination works well for me.
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