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Im almost 21 and have been a SAHM since my DD was born 14mos ago.
I have had two friends with this problem and switching from the infant seat to a convertible fixed it! Good luck mama!
I have one that has toys attached and its own buckle, it doesnt cover as much as I would like. I purchased it before I knew of this site/WAHMs that make them. Im considering getting rid of it and getting a WAHM one.
Call their social worker. My family is also in MA and my siblings in foster care. My MIL is in the process of getting two of my younger siblings, one is here already. I think its called an interstate compact? That they do. But it is possible. My MIL also recieves a money to help care for him. Her ultimate goal is to adopt them though so im not sure if that makes a difference.
Get and extra controller! I personally like Wii Sports but we havent gottent that many games yet. Its alot of fun!
We share our SUV.
Oh no! I would be so lost without mine There is no chance of you getting it back?
I think that I would have to place a call into CPS if he is shaking the baby to quiet here and the mother doesnt see anything wrong with it/doesnt want to make an effort to fix the situation.
to MDC!
and good luck TTC!
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