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That is terrible in my opinion and creepy too. What would make some one want to do that? Ugh.
We just celebrated DDs 1st. We invited close family and very few friends and everyone brought a dish! We were limited on cash as well. We also didnt have much space so only really close family was invited.
Quote: Originally Posted by senmom OR......donate it to a church or food pantry. Forget the "large corporations", maybe there is a woman, TRULY in need, who is not BF, who NEEDS formula. I agree,Please donate it! Im sure there is some BABY out there that is FF and can use it.
to MDC and Congrats on your BFP!!
I dont have a pattern but Welcome!
Thats tough...I usually try to keep quiet in these conversations aside from saying that we dont do it but 2 weeks old!? Thats a little ridiculous. The people in our group tend to keep conversations like this to themselves because of peoples different parenting styles.
DD has gone to a couple Halloween Playdates, no trick or treating for us except maybe at the mall.
Mine usually involves the zipper on my pants. So embarassing.
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