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I dont think that they would call because it may make people nervous to call back if there were ever another emergency.
LOL I would have been so embarassed!
I agree with the air horn lol. If the cop suggested orange jackets he must think that you *may* be in danger?? Hunting near houses does not seem like a good idea
That poor little boy! Im glad your friend called. Im also not a fan of CPS but I do hope that these children find a safe home.
It really is sad when they resort to places like a playground where children are around. I hope you can find a safe place for your children to play!
We used one with my daughter on the floor at home and would occasionally bring it to the restaurant when she was much smaller and could make her way out of it. Once she started twisting like she wanted out we stopped using it.
I would take her to the ER.
I dont have any advice but wanted to offer you a hug
My brother is 5 and also wears a diaper to bed. I dont think that cutting drinks really makes a difference, we have tried that and he continues to wet. Wetting the bed has also run through my family. Even if my brother takes a 20 min nap he will wet. We dont make a big deal about it because we dont want him to be embarassed, I think with everyone else im my family it stopped around 13-14 yrs old.
Welcome to MDC!
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