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With my DH we talked about having children and he was worried about money ect and then surprise!! I was PG and things have worked out, I am a SAHM. Do we live like we used to? No. Is it worth it? YES! He will come around.
With my DD, she didnt really get "slinged" until about 5-6 months and I didnt do too much housework with her in it. It is much easier now that she is bigger (1!) to sling her. We are waiting on a Moby right now though because I cant see allowing me to keep her in it much longer.
I think its a personal decision and no one knows your baby as well as you do. Personally, I have yet to leave my 13 month old overnight and dont see it happening anytime soon.
I want to start off by saying that I am sorry you are having such a tough time. My daughter is over a year and still doesnt sleep through the night every night. I also agree with trying a sling, my daughter always wanted to be held and I didnt have an issue with that but the sling made it easier for me to get stuff done. You may want to stop the food that she is getting to and stick to the formula. See if it makes a difference, maybe she is having trouble digesting it?
While it may be legal since its a public forum, those reporters need to put themselves in the shoes of the family...would they like intruders when privacy has been requested? I doubt it.
im happy shes okay! Thats great that she was able to get it out herself.
Thats terrible! Im not sure how I would have reacted but I dont think it would have been nice. Also that poor little boy that she watches! He probably gets it regularly.
Do you want one that will hold in the 5 point harness as long as your Britax? How much does he weigh? The Scenera only goes to 40 lbs. Here is the link for the Fisher Price SAfe Voyage (made by Britax) its 129.99 and holds in the harness until 55 lbs. http://www.albeebaby.com/fiprsavodeco1.html
The first time I left my DD was when she was 3mos old and it was for 3 hrs..with my sister. I called 45398475984 times to check on her though lol I have never left her with a babysitter though, its always been family and only for a couple of hrs at a time...shes 1 lol
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