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I would sent it ceritified and keep the reciept from the post office. Leaving a message too wont hurt.
I think they are adorable! I was told that they are good for babies crawling on hard floors...a little extra padding
Yes, I believe the seat still needs to be replaced and I also didnt know that the seat belts should be too but it makes sense! Thank you for sharing that information
ive only left dd twice and it was with my sister for no more than 3 hrs...im just not ready yet for longer intervals and i dont trust anyone else to watch her.
That was cute!
I doubt there is a law BUT CPS did come into my home and had to see my DDs bed to "make sure that she had one".
I have finally convinced my DH to get rid of the cleaners that we use now for more natural non toxic cleaning supplies. Im looking for suggestions on what to buy im not familar with any brands. Thank You!
I had a hospital birth that was induced with pitocin and I didnt use and pain meds. It was not the birth that I wanted but my water had broken in the middle of the night and i went back to sleep not paying any attention until the next morning at my appt when she checked me and said that I was leaking fluid. DD was born 36hrs after we had realized that my water was broken ( at the appt). I had planned on a water birth with no meds at all but my midwife said that pitocin was...
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