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Welcome and Congrats on your pregnancy!
I signed for it to be done. I knew that I didnt have it but it wasnt a big deal to me.
Big hugs to you, i am sorry for your loss. Happy Birthday Austin!
I just wanted to offer a
Quote: Originally Posted by cupofjojo Also thought now that we've got a few folks on this thread we could introduce ourselves a bit more: where we live, interests & hobbies, etc. My DD is 7mos, I am a SAHM and enjoy every minute of it. We live in NY, I like to do crafts, hopefully will be getting a sewing machine soon and if this weather ever warms up we will be spending lots of time outside. We just got dumped with snow
We have the Marathon for DD, I purchased it about a month ago from BabyAge.com and it was 207.99. I got the Ashley Floral one hehe
Congrats on your little one!
hehe I'm going to take that advice too, my DD also has a dry scalp. Burts Bees it is!
Quote: Originally Posted by devster4fun Well, not any more since I started Weight Watchers 8 weeks ago. Gotta lose this baby weight. Hey, at least I only have to lose it ONCE!!!! Yet another benefit of an only child. :
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