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My DD is almost 7 months and we only want one child. I get the "youll change your mind" all the time. Mainly because people say that she needs someone to play with and keep her company. Thats what mamas is for! jk but she has plenty of cousins all different ages that live close by and we visit regularly.
Welcome! MDC has changed my perspective on a lot of things, very educational.
We don't have TV and the radio is never on, the computer is usually on all the time.
The little boy that got killed from not being properly restrained (youtube video) has a foundation and has helped many families that cannot afford carseats get them. Here is the link: http://www.kyledavidmiller.org/pages...y_for_Help.htm I hope that they are able to help you!
Usually DH is with us when we are out and he tells people not to touch her, or if it is me and her I usually hold her close and people dont feel the need. The few times that it did happen, people went straight for her face...why?? I dont get it, when I see babies in public I never think to touch them. The best part, one time when DH asked a cashier who was trying to touch DDs face not too she replied with " I have children I know what im doing"...obviously not if you are...
When I had my DD in our New Native sling, we did not get any rude comments. We did get alot of looks and they looked more surprised than negative. I did have a few people ask me if there really was a baby in there and do i think its comfortable for her. I used to be worried about looks to but the responce was alot better than i though it would have been. Now im working on getting a Moby Wrap.
My DD just recently started to prefer just being put down, she used to like rocking to sleep
thanks, you mammas are wonderful
I would really like a moby wrap to carry my dd in but right now i cannot afford to buy one. i am wondering if anyone knows of a website that i cant get a pattern from to make my own, also fabric suggestions if you have any. TIA
how cute, thanks for sharing!
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