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thank you everyone!
Im happy to hear that it went well!
My DD is 6 mos old and i can count the number of times she has slept in her crib (naps included) on my fingers. i didnt use an arms reach co sleeper so sorry, no advice there. also WELCOME!!!
just wanted to introduce myself! im a SAHM with my 6 month old DD, we live in upstate NY. i look forward to meeting a lot of new mamas on here
im not very good at remembering things, especially usernames and pws. mom2myprincess is nice and easy to remember!
They will be in my prayers ((hugs))
She is beautiful!
i think that that is totally unreasonable. every week when dh gets paid, we sit down pay bills that need to be paid and then decide together on the rest of the money. we are both on all accounts
When dd was about a month old, she was swaddled and napping. she was propped up on her boppy because of spitting up issues. i went in my room and could hear a faint little cry, i looked in the bassinet and she had fallen in between the boppy and managed to cover her face with the blanket that she was swaddled in. as soon i as i saw her all i could do was hold her, i felt like a horrible mommy.
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