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Thanks for making me smile today! Me too, I'm having a baby...and I looooove surprises. This is something I explain each time the question comes up. Ugh.
Hi, I'm excited about doing this. This is baby#3 for me and although I stink at beading, something about this swap just makes me feel so complete. Thanks!
We mailed ours in August some time, so it's been at least a month too, and nothing here. I keep trying not to think about it so I won't be so irked about the whole thing but I'm through with this company. Lame. Can't wait to hear though if anyone gets a response from them. I'm hesitant to put in another 30 minutes of time trying to figure out who to email, etc. to 'track' the darn things. And for us, we're over an hour from a whole foods, but it would have been worth it...
I told our children (almost 2 yrs old and 3.5 years old) the day we found out, and the older one was beyond excited, jumping around the room cheering. My almost 2 yr old acts clueless, although I think she is getting it, she just doesn't necessarily like the idea of another littler one coming...right now. I can say though that I've enjoyed spending time each week, and at times, each day, talking about anatomy, babies, siblings, dynamics, the upcoming changes, birth, etc....
With DD1 I had a perfect little babymoon. It was wonderful and just what we'd envisioned. With DD2 we planned a perfect little babymoon and quickly realized that having anyone's help would have been much much better. I think it contributed to a small bout with PPD I had somewhere in those first 3 months. Ugh. This time I'm anxious to have my in-laws come help out. I can't imagine it any other way with 2 other little ones (under 4 years old) around who need full attention...
:Exciting. I've been dreaming of canning all summer but my DH is not up for it...yet. Still trying to convince him since I'll need his help for sure. Jars of jam are such great christmas gifts and i'm trying to avoid buying anything this year. Trying is the key word there. Much luck!
Resurrecting an older thread. I was part of a birth bead group from MDC for the last one and loved the entire experience. Just curious, when might we be interested in starting this up? Thanks.
OK, being pregnant with #3 has been making me feel older than I'd like, but this thread really did it. I would love to see a poll on ages. It's be interesting if anything. Um, leggings never really looked very good on me...and ironically, the twenty-somethings I've seen wearing them made me think, Ugh, I'm much too old for those already. I think it's not just the age though, my body is not legging's material I think. Funny to read about though.
I usually don't do these myself (even though I can definitely relate to many I read). I just called to confirm a visit with family a ways away from us only to find out that my SIL and niece have a horrible cough and are also really excited to see us. Yay! I can't wait. Um, I am not the nicest sick person known to exist. And, when the sick bugs make their rounds around the entire family and finally pass on, I'm usually still in the throes of it since my asthma almost...
Welcome! I'm glad you found your way here. These due date groups are a lot of fun, even for women who've already been pregnant. So much to share that not too many others want to hear about in real life, if you know what I mean. Much luck!
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