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I love that babywearing is comfortable and comforting to both of us!
I appreciate your thoughts!  
After reading more I wanted to add that it may have been methergine that I had during my hemorrhage rather than misoprostol.  Misoprostol was the word in my head . . but that was almost ten years ago!  I am planning to check on that at my next appointment.  
I've been lurking around here since pregnant with my first child - ten years ago - but am only now coming out of my shell and posting.   I'm looking for more input as I plan for the birth of my second child in April.  My midwife has recommended active management with a shot of pitocin as the baby's head is born.  I'm not convinced and am having a hard time letting go of a physiological third stage.  I also suspect there's a chance that my previous PPH was caused by...
Just spreading the word about the Kids EveryWear consignment sale coming up soon -  http://www.kidseverywear.com/   I have found great deals on cloth diapers, clothes, and gear at this sale.  Happy shopping!
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