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Cloth wipes, yes yes yes, and if the potty is secure (won't get spilled/played with) try keeping a little water in it, then it can be "flushed" out, not having to wipe out the ick. This will use less water even than washing a cloth wipe. Wiping the boy with soap and water with a cloth wipe will keep him cleaner than the paper.
The first time I milked my cow it took three hours, and I have no idea if I got all the milk. It went way into the evening, it was the last thing I did before bed, and guess what the first thing to do when I woke up was? Within two weeks it was still feeling like a looming monumentous task but I was down to forty five minutes. This is with a cow that was giving around five gallons a day, though. My hands were quite sore for at least a month, but the soreness wasn't as...
Also in Oregon-Aumsville, East of Salem. I'm in lol.
Now I'm concerned. I also have a milk cow, and I also didn't know better and didn't get the field mowed before the hot summer sun came. What do I need to do now? Do I need to be feeding her our winter hay now???
Can anyone help me find (free) plans for building a stanchion for a milking cow, or explain it if it's simple enough? Has anyone done this? Also, has anyone left a calf with the mama cow and separated them to milk just once a day, or just separated them as needed and milked? I've heard of people doing this but just wanted to hear from someone who's actually done it. She's my first cow and she just got here. (yay!) Anyone? TIA! What. . .no smilie for milking a cow?
Quote: Originally Posted by ThomasL Something else comes in mind regarding this topic. First there is Adam and Eve then Cain and Abel. Cain kills Abel then is banished to another land and he tells God he is afraid that the people there will kill him. Where did they come from? I thought there would only be Adam,Eve, and Cain. This another example of why I do not rely soley on what is written. I think it's all metaphorical. Think: Cayin was a...
Try this. . . http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=884510
I was at a laundromat and as we were leaving I had a moment of brilliance where I set 5 month old Eva in the corner of the four wheeled laundry cart with all the folded clothes, then wheeled the whole thing (with both hands!) over a wheelchair access point on the sidewalk and the whole thing dumped over. It's hard to even write about it, but she's three now, so I guess we made it. Welcome to the baby dropping club.
Hi! I' a young mama to two little girls (3 yrs and 6 weeks) and we're looking for a family milk cow. I've done some fairly thorough research but still have some questions, if anyone knows more than I do. . . How concerned are you about vaccinations? Are the cows likely to get sick, and are there diseases communicable to people? How about breeds-I am thinking Jersey or Guernsey (first of all because they're cute!) because I've heard they're more docile. Do you have a...
You won't regret getting rid of the crib. We never had one. Tonight as I watched DD1 and 2 (3 yrs and 1 month) fall asleep in my bed I thought of the time when they're older and won't want to sleep with me. All things must pass, but if he sleeps with you until he's in first grade, it'll come too soon. When my grandmother heard when I was pregnant that I was going to let the baby sleep in my own bed, she told me a (obviously made up story) about "friends of hers" that...
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