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$35/day, $175/wk, $700/month In-home montessori, urban garden, chickens, 3 healthy meals/day, GD, etc. Ten min from home/work. I love it, so does DD, I feel so lucky to have found it! I know I could find something cheaper, but it's worth it. We're in a big midwest metro area.
I don't use this (yet), but my attorney recommended it to me, as my ex crosses numerous boundaries when "communicating". Our Family Wizard
Personally, I love facon, it makes some great "B"LTs. You could get some fresh, organic tomatoes and lettuce, maybe make some bread to slice up and voila! In fact...I think I'll make this for lunch tomorrow, yum!
bed, couch, floor...yk, the furniture that the adults use too
Quote: Originally Posted by Swan3 Gosh, I don't mean to get all funny about this, but I'm a native speaker and it's not a long a. It's a short e. It always drove me crazy that my uncle was called HOSE A instead of Jo-seh by English speakers. I think there's been some sort of confusion with the french e sound in ballet. my teachers were native speakers too. even the ones that taught advanced linguistics. just relaying what i learned many...
Quote: Originally Posted by frontierpsych It's in between the two, really. Like the "e"s in "comprende" or the french "Le". It's the Spanish word for milk. E in Spanish is sort of in between the short E and long A in English. actually, the letter E in spanish is always pronounced like the long A in english. the vowel sounds in spanish never change. they can be slightly affected by other vowels in the case of dipthongs, but the schwa does...
yoga. in spurts. focused holding of stretches for longer than, say, 30 seconds actually works to build muscle in addition to creating flexibility. HTH.
Quote: Originally Posted by cmoma I think I was the last one on here.... Thanks for all the support until next month
Quote: Originally Posted by cmoma Gumby any sign of AF? came this morning! hope all goes well for you cmoma!
you can get bac-out online (it's made by bio-kleen) or at whole foods. if you can, take the trap off that covers the drain and get a wire hanger and see if you can pull anything up.
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