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ihathi-It's not really a hijack. I totally understand how this CPS situation could lead you to homeschool. It sounds like some letters have started going out... Now is the part that I really hate: waiting for the mail. I found a great blog called CPS Obsessed. It has clear explainations of the different types of schools and is funny too. Also has a post about letters...
I'm currently reading Freeing your Child from Anxiety by Tamar Chansky. (And I am sure it is coloring my reading of your post.) Some of what you describe can be manifestations of anxiety. The book also talks a bit about PTSD. And has suggestions of things you can do at home. It might be helpful for you while you look for that right-fit therapist. Hope you find some peace soon.
heatherdeg- Sorry to be so discouraging, mostly my comment was an exaggeration. There are good schools within the cps system. It is so much easier if you live within the attendance boundry of a one of those schools. Some of the good schools are magnet schools, so they don't have an attendence boundry but accept students based on a computerized lottery. This is the part I find so nerve wrecking. The cps website might be a good place to start...then there is Northside...
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy2naomi Something like that, I wouldn't do a lot of research into this school mess unless you're seriously looking at living in Chicago. And even then, your research might sway you to not move to Chicago!
I am happy to hear good things about Ravenswood. And that there seems to be space. Are there 3 kindergarten classes because they are expanding or just to keep class size small? Thistles in Snow- I haven't heard anything about Hamilton closing. It wasn't on the "list" brought to the school board in Feb. But I don't have an insider ear or anything. I hope it isn't closing, seems like a unique school.
Yeah, I am expecting a delay too. Our neighborhood school is not a great option. (That is what makes me nervous!) DD is in preschool at Jahn, so that is the back up. Although I'd be happy to stay there either way. We also applied to: Drummond Inter-American Ravenswood and Goethe (which is a neighborhood school close by, not a magnet)
Anyone waiting to hear about lottery results from CPS? I know results aren't due to be sent out until the week of March 15th. But I hate the waiting period... Where are you waiting to hear from? Do you have a back up plan?
Would you consider seeing an acupuncturist? We took my dd to one last year when she was continuously sick, much like you describe. They didn't use needles. The acupuncturist had a tool, kind of shaped like a pen, that she put on the points for a few seconds instead. She also gave us some diet guidelines and herbal formulas. It really helped us... Hope he feels better soon.
I really like The Paper Bag Princess. But I think I like it more than my DD does. We also have Don't Kiss The Frog: Princess Stories with Attitude. The stories are funny and quirky and there are some stories of falling in love and a bit of rescuing, but the princesses definately hold their own. ETA: oops. I didn't realize this was a waldorf thread. I'm not sure if my suggestions fit. (But they are good books otherwise!)
Thanks for the perspective. It is good to be reminded of the extra energy at transitions. Maybe it isn't something I am doing or not doing. Maybe it just is. And I should plan for some craziness. I think part of it is a change in pick up spots. I've been picking DD up at the friend's ballet class verses the house. Next week I'll offer 5 minutes of running around (with chasing if desired!) and see how that goes... Thanks again.
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