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I'm leaning towards Ode. Yes seems....heavier? Maybe it is the black and white photography. Maybe I'll try both and see. Thanks for your input.
Has anyone read either of these magazines? Both are positive news magazines, but I am wondering what the difference is. I have known about Yes for awhile and just recently learned Ode was out there too. Ode will plant I tree if I subscribe and started in the Netherlands. Yes hasn't told me they will plant a tree if I subscribe and I believe they started in the US. Which do you like better? Yes or Ode
You could also try university hospitals that have an andrology lab/services. Are you doing insems at home or through a healthcare provider? The UIC Hospital (in Chicago) will freeze the sperm and wash it for you too. And I believe if it for one of their mds they skip the 6 mo quarintine. Maybe there is something like that close to you. But I agree you should see if your donor's sperm will survive the freeze/thaw process first. And at least get preliminary std screening...
Quote: Originally Posted by lexbeach I'd want to know why the midwest bank was so much cheaper than the others. When we were looking into buying sperm the first time around, I just assumed we'd go with the cheapest option. I mentioned this to my mom, and she was like, "of all things to buy the cheaper version of, why do so for your future child's genetic material??" My parents ended up paying for us to buy the more expensive sperm. Kinda weird (that my...
I have the diva cup. I am pretty happy with it. It took some time to get use to, and I still have days where I needed to re-adjust a few times to get the position right. Like pp have already mention, I choose it because it is silicone, ie; no chance of latex allergy and you can sterile it. (The gum rubber the keeper is made out of is porous, so if you have a vaginal infection the bacterial/yeast can hang out and re-infect you later.) Here is a link of pictures of all...
My dd did the same thing at about this age. For awhile we still used diapers on outings, but she was staying dry. I thought about training pants, but they didn't seem worth it as she already knew when she needed to go. So we just brought a change of clothes to use as needed. She went through a phase of being afraid of public toilets, so we had a few accidents. (But that was because she refused to go.) She is 21 mo now and no signs of regression.
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