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I have a horrible cold, so it didn't begin all that well. But I am getting unpacked bit by bit and the kids are being relatively good.
Friski G lmao
biting into a cherry tomato and having the juice squirt across the table and into the eye of a guy I had just met at the wedding we were attending, also a hilarious moment. I need to go to the store for...
Pizza, I just moved so I am too tired to cook right now. Would you rather live out in the middle of nowhere with privacy and lots of land but no ready access to food, medical care, etc. or near to all those things and close to neighbors and not much of a yard?
I don't feel it's appropriate to turn any of this into a debate, I was only expressing my concern and had not seen on the blog if she was monitoring the baby and asked. OP, How are you feeling now? Have been watching for updates.
It's been a long while since your waters have ruptured, are you monitoring the baby at all? I understand wanting to protect your right to birth, but am concerned about the health of your baby.
That is very scary, I am glad you are both okay.
I have no advice and wasn't nursing my twins when my third was born, but I just wanted to reply that I hope someone with experience comes along for you.
In the first situation I would move one baby to a seat or the floor near the chair. In the second, with them being in the back row, I would move them to the floor of the van and then into the stroller. Mine were always right near the door so I didn't have to worry about going back in for one. I'm amazed sometimes now at how much I did with my twins, and with them and my third child as they are only 16 mos apart. At times I can't remember the logistics at all. Maybe...
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