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I would love to see an end to male genital mutilation and I don't feel that my civil rights are being encroached upon by my not being allowed to cut my son with no medical reason.  If all boys are not mutilated then in tact boys won't be looked upon oddly so that is a plus too.   It's not likely to become a banned though because it can be tied to religion and will therefore not regulated. 
I would love for my tax dollars to go to letting single mothers stay with their children during their early years.  It is very important to me that young children have their mothers.   Often quality childcare costs enough to require that a working single mother apply for welfare anyway so I don't see the need to deprive a babe. 
One night I realized that I hadn't felt my baby moving all day.  It was nearing 11:00pm and I couldn't sleep because I was afraid for my baby.  I called my midwife who lived 45min away from me.   She told me that he had likely turned so that his kicks could no longer be felt then she drove to a halfway point between us to listen to my baby's heart beat so that I could stop worrying.  I am so grateful to her for that.   She attended both of my births and I will never take...
I like you very much =)
I would use this carrier often.  My husband says he prefers dark blues, greys, and blacks for color.  He also notices that shoulder strap based carriers never have long enough straps to adjust for comfort for his shoulder diameter.  Did I mention that I would love to have one of these carriers? = )
if I am remembering correctly my friend's midwife and her partner have a child.  I think one of them is the birth mother but I don't know how they conceived.  I will see if I can find out her name for you.
Hello Sally, Thank you for the welcome.  My 4.5 year old is a daughter too.  Where did you move from?  Do you enjoy living here?
My husband just started a job in St. Louis (South of the arch on Potomic).   My children are 4.5 yrs and 7 months.   I have time to find a neighborhood and school but I am overwhelmed.  I have a dream of a good sized yard with  will edible landscaping where I can raise produce vegetables, fruit, honey and eggs to feed to my family and to make gifts for friends and neighbors.  I would like to stay home with the children and either do unschooling (with a strong social...
I have a 4 yr old daughter and a 4m  old son. I don't really remember the moment when my daughter became a big kid so there is a blurred line between those categories for my list.  She continues to play with the transition toys as well as some of the younger toys.     Baby- Sophie, soft books, ball (safe for chewing on, blanket (for tummy time,peekaboo and cuddling),  big kid tooth brush for chewing on, spoon, chime garden,  simple car to chew on and play with, ...
I have had two births, both at home.  I am very glad I had my first at home.  I would write more but my hands are full with baby number two.
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