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UV Naturals is nice, fragrance-free and easy on my sensitive dd's face.
Housing costs are definitely lower out here. I'm in Victorville. My children go to Discovery school of the arts. I recommend it highly, very individualized learning, arts, piano, spanish and drama are part of the curriculum. This area has it's pros and cons. There is a wonderful organic produce and raw dairy co-op out here http://bhcoop.org a few health food stores, some lakes... We are getting a lot of people moving in fromthe inner city, low rent for a large...
I see you're in the high desert, me too. Loma LInda Hospital has a few doctors that will do VBACs. Otherwise, I second the lay midwives.
Hi, My dh is looking into a job in Harper's Ferry and I was wondering if any mamas are from around there. How do you like it? Cost of living? Convenience of whole foods, health food stores? Any co-ops, farmer's markets? Things to do for the family? Weather? Like minded families? Job opportunities for LPN, Lactation Consultant, doula, Childbirth educator? I'm in southern CA, and dh and I are ready to leave. Any info is appreciated Thanks
I've heard that coating your hair and scalp in mayonnaise will kill them. Kind of gross, but I would try that or the Rosemary e o before using some of those lice shampoos. I hope it's over for you soon. There is a lice scare at my children's school so we are examining scalps every day around here.
I've used the squeeze bottle. It helped immensely when I had a cold. Itt akes getting used to. DH was laughing at me as I sputtered and gagged at first. It kind of feels like getting water up your nose at the beach at first.
Just for future reference, if you ever think you've eaten something bad, or start to feel bad after eating something, try activated charcoal. You can get it in capsule form, it helps to absorb the toxins.
I've had both. I'd recommend the NP. They are very well trained and have the advantage of being a nurse first, so probably much better bedside manner. They are overseen by an MD, if that is your concern. She sounds like a good fit for you.
I've used plain aveeno lotion and it helps a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by birdie22 I'll respond since nobody else is stepping up, but it's hard to say for sure what's going on. Do you have a LC or even a MW you can visit IRL? It kind of sounds to me like eczema (sp?). Have you been exposed to anything allergenic? Particularly, something like soap or detergent, but it could be anything. An LC once recommended to me to make a "triple cream" of equal parts hydrocortizone, bacitracin and...
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