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DD nursed till she was about 20 mo.  Self weaned. DS#1 nursed until I got preg with #3...Self weaned kinda...He came up to nurse and told me my milk was "ewwie..." DS#2 Still nursing and loving it!   He refuses and is not a fan of solids.
I am actually thankful to know that I am not the only one who believes the detailer (thats what we call it in the Navy) is sitting online playing on facebook all day.  Ours took FOREVER we were to the point where we had come to the conclusion we would just end up with orders.  I told DH at one point I was going to go there, find him, and force him to assign us orders.  We didn't even care what kind of orders they were!!!   
Congrats Adorkable!!!  Those little faces in your avatar are precious!!!!   I'm Marla, Navy Wife and mommy of 3, we are currently living in Mississippi until our ship is completed and we make a fun homeport change.  I am a semi crunchy mommy breastfeeding, cosleeping, and cloth diapering.  I haven't gotten to be part of this tribe much, I hope to become more active :)   :) :) :)
I am running windows 7 so I am off to the control panel!!
My Abuela is still alive so she is Abuela, but my parents get Grammy and grampa.  DH's parents are Nana & Grandpat.  I told my mom that I want to be called Abuela or Abuelita by my grandchildren though.  My older sister is Tia, my younger sister goes by Auntie.
My family is in Uruguay & Argentina, and I hate writing to them and seeing my words in caps b/c I don't know how to use the ~ and accent mark to my typing.  I know it can be done because they do it, anyone able to help me out?  As it is my writing in Spanish is less than stellar since I was raised here and never had to write in Spanish.  Thank you so much!!
Just interested, is your HB midwife someone who also has NNMC privliges?  Just curious...I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have a good MW since mine was horrible...
So today my LO was tackling me for food...so I was like ok you can try it, mashed it up...nope spit it out with a very very very disgusted look.  I said to him, "ok ok we aren't ready" and he smiled...he just wanted to offer I guess.
Call Tricare, some CNM's are actually covered, but under standard.  They will be able to tell you more.  I had a friend who had a hb with tricare.
He found a cinnamon crisp that I made my kiddos tonight...seemed to like the cinnamon sugar off the tortilla...LOL  But still not really into much else.  This lil' boy cracks me up when I even try to offer it.  lol
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